ZEUS: Zoic Environmental Unification System

ZEUS is a revolutionary pre-visualization process that delivers never-before-seen set capabilities and film quality effects on a television budget and schedule. Real-time camera tracking and rendering of virtual environments on set allows unprecedented creative flexibility for the cast and crew working on a green screen stage.

Crafted by industry veterans, ZEUS breaches the paradigm of VFX, streamlining the production process as a comprehensive system used from pre-visualization straight through post-production. Heavily used in episodic series including “Once Upon a Time,” “Pan Am” and “V,” ZEUS brings the highest level of visual effects to projects of any scope across a wide range of media platforms.

The accompanying ZEUS Scout iPad app grants producers a pragmatic view of the CG visuals before even stepping foot on set, allowing for more efficient production timelines and advancing creative capabilities with its exceptional mobility. Click here to learn more about ZEUS Scout or download the app.