Windows Holographic: Enabling a World of Mixed Reality

Zoic, in collaboration with Bacon & Sons and the Microsoft Hololens Platform Team, anticipated the future of augmented reality according to Microsoft, and simultaneously designed the visual look of its next stage of evolution.

The result is a Window’s Holographic spot which envisions a fully immersive world where Microsoft has opened up the Hololens’ operating system to VR headset manufacturers worldwide, and then allows these different platforms to interact in Mixed Reality.

Using this ability, three characters from across the globe come together and collaborate in mixed reality, designing a store space by utilizing the features and many benefits of the Microsoft Hololens Platform.

Over the course of 6 weeks, VFX Supervisor Paulus Bannink led the Zoic team through the upfront design; technical previz; onward through final creation of the CG Avatars; a Hololens “Assistant” able to travel between platforms; and finally a full, Mixed Reality World and store environment.