Vivo Xplay5 “Captain America: Civil War”

Zoic creatives teamed up with Bullitt to translate the energy of the Civil War movie into a thoroughly crafted commercial showcasing the dashing new Vivo phone.

Weeks of preproduction, style frames, concept art, and tech previs were needed to be able to achieve this fast paced, yet artful piece.

The CG phone asset was carefully crafted in 3D, modeled and lit in Maya/Vray, matching the real life model in proportions and looks to showcase the high quality finish of the product.

Following our tech previs step by step, the 3D artists carefully animated the CG phone, defining a flow throughout the whole piece, cutting and matching perfectly with the Civil War trailer.

Flame, Nuke, some in-house tools, but most importantly the skills of our artist brought this phone asset to the next level: a seamless integration into the flow of the movie trailer to reflect the strong partnership between Marvel and Vivo.