Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six Siege”


Rainbow Six Siege was a cross-studio creative collaboration between Zoic Studios L.A., Zoic Studios Vancouver, and Nomadic; one which began with a simple idea. No script. No boards. Only a final, creative goal: introduce the world of Rainbow Six to a new breed of player.

Working in parallel from the projects inception – and within a limited calendar window – the agency and studio’s creative core worked together in order to outline mutual CG milestones. Once these goals were fleshed into script, Zoic then took the assembled vision and began the craft of shaping the world of Rainbow Six, and making it into visible reality.

Raw game assets from Ubisoft were handed off to our Vancouver team. The team then oversaw the up-res of the models, ensuring the look – and the bar – could be raised to a cinematic level, one above standard gameplay. Working alongside the asset artists, the Vancouver PreViz team simultaneously created the framework and camera moves which would define the journey through the “siege” action.

Maya was utilized for all pre-visualization, as well as all character and environment, texturing, shading, and lighting. Entering the action, the viewer weaves and bobs through Houdini generated explosions, and debris FX. Nuke was utilized for desktop compositing.

Over a mere six weeks, the team moved from asset prep to final renders, and then handed off to the Los Angeles office for final Flame color and finish.

From Zoic Studios to the next generation of players: “Welcome to the siege.”