TaylorMade “M1/M2 Irons”

To craft a spot matching the elegance of the product itself, the creatives at Zoic Studios partnered with Culver City agency, Zambezi, to bring TaylorMade’s “#1 Irons Family in Golf” to life.

With style frames and up front look-development, Zoic ensured mutual understanding of a shared goal.

Utilizing the club’s original CAD data, the models were cleaned and finessed for 3D, then lit in Maya / V-Ray to ensure they matched the real life equivalent both in proportion and look, and guaranteeing they flaunted the same high quality finish.

With technical pre-vis, the animators established overall pacing. The artists aimed for a blend of elegance and practicality, a pace that would serve both the look of the product, as well as showcase its functionality. Next on the agenda, establishing the beats of the transformation from M1 to M2, which would reveal the subtle, but important differences between the clubs.

Moving toward the finish, Flame, Nuke, in-house tools, and most importantly the artists themselves, brought each asset to the next level: perfection of photography, and materials and textures that reflected the precision, quality, and performance of cutting edge golf clubs.

The all-new 2017 M irons — Distance + Forgiveness + Face Slots.