Regions “Aversion Therapy”

REGIONS BANK: “Regions LockIt Card Controls”

When Regions Bank sought to promote the customizable power of their credit, check, and pre-paid cards using their new “LockIt” controls, the bank joined forces with Zoic Studios and Luckie & Co. in order to pull off a one-of-a-kind campaign.

Zoic was approached with the idea of putting 3 anthropomorphic goats into the Regions head office. And, though the concept was laugh out loud funny, the spots presented Zoic with very real challenges. The team needed to craft a post workflow that was based on very real, live-action goats, which meant preparing for how well the main performers would (or would not) hit their marks. Zoic needed to be prepared to mitigate and resolve every potential scenario in order to ensure client expectations were satisfied no matter what the goats chose to do.

It was essential for Zoic to be involved with pre-production in order to realize the plans and their efficient execution and/or mitigate complications based on the success of the animals cast.

In Orlando, Florida, the spots were shot over a 2 day period with Zoic providing on-set VFX Supervision. Zoic then walked with the footage from Luckie & Co’s production partners 11 Dollar Bill in order to begin the production process before edit lock and get a leg-up on CG prep.
The Zoic Vancouver team began by building 3D goat heads with facial rig and inner mouth geometry matching talent. Texture/surface artists created textures for the three goat performers. These textures would be projected back onto the 3D models. Concurrently, the compositing team began taking the footage and applying 2D animation grid warps to allow for animation / manipulation of the real eyes, ears, brows, and noses of the main performers. Each task was designed to be executed up front. This initial work allowed assets to be finished early, thereby laying the groundwork for an iterative friendly pipeline that would allow the team to explore the range of performance available for each goat (and address goat performance notes) while staying on schedule.

After match-move and tracking was complete, the Zoic animation department created a facial animation pass which would be used by the compositing team as reference for the required 2D animation performance enhancements and the 3D mouth replacement. Finished animation was then provided to the lighting team who combined the 3D mouth replacement and texturing for render. Given this process, major notes were hit and the team was already focused on finesse by the 2nd iteration.

Overall the Zoic team in collaboration with Luckie found great success for our mutual client. The agreed upon workflow allowed for multiple departments to work in parallel, with time used as efficiently as the schedule allowed. Once all assets were combined at a shot level, final execution, massaging of animation timing, internal notes, and client comments were executed quickly and efficiently, allowing a friendly iterative process for both Zoic and its partners.

“Region’s “Lockit” is the G.O.A.T. Get it? Greatest of all time…”