Redline VR “The Attack”

With Redline Interactive, the goal was to work with our Canadian client to produce three VR / 360 videos which helped place the viewer inside the shoes of the beginning of a refugee crisis.

The goal of the videos was to begin to sympathize with refugees, and attempt to provide an understanding of their realities by immersing yourself in a scenario that most of us are incapable of imagining through our daily encounters with the refugee crisis on Facebook and Twitter.

When viewed through the Samsung Gear VR, Zoic Studios brought three scenarios to life: a missile attack, the aftermath, and a refugee encampment.

The Zoic Team worked alongside Redline, to not only refine the live action for a seamless stitch but implementing the VFX to enhance the live action.

Zoic’s VFX work included: Matte paintings to extend the refugee camp in the distance as well as the destroyed cityscape; CG particle animation for the missile impact, debris and massive building explosion as well as CG jets and missile contrails.