Pizza Hut “Sneaky Turtles”

Zoic Studios Senior Editor Dmitri Gueer infuses the re-launch of the wickedly delicious Pizza Hut “Cheesy Bites” with the resurgence of the much-esteemed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the :30 “Sneaky Turtles” out of McGarryBowen, to cross-promote the Paramount film, produced by Michael Bay, that hits theaters August 8th. The spot, produced by Bullitt Branded (new branded content company from the Russo Brothers) and directed by Anthony Leonardi III, finds a chef calling it quits for the day in the Pizza Hut test kitchen. He flicks off the lights and locks the door as the turtles quickly sneak their way in through the ceiling tiles. Donatello makes swift work of stealthily whipping up a delectable cheesy pie, dashing away with the other turtles to leave his completed masterpiece for the chef to unveil in the morning.