Lexus “Letters”

How do you visualize exemplary customer service? With the prompting of that question, Team One, Director Leo Zuckerman, and Zoic Studios collaborated to provide the answer.

“Letters” devises an elegant yet simple idea. Take the physical “thank you” notes the dealerships have received, and use these letters as a jumping point to create something that both shares individual customer stories as well as fashions them into a physical installation, an art piece that unites the ideas of thanks and craftsmanship in physical form. The form would embody a theme which Lexus aims to hit everyday.

For the New York shoot, Team One partnered with Zoic NY to supervise and consult while an origami artisan took each letter of thanks and transformed them, folding and crafting a Lexus installation that visualized a brand embodied by service and craftsmanship.

Post shoot, Zoic Los Angeles picked up the reins, and utilizing a Flame centric pipeline, handled the conform, clean-up, and color work across all testimonials.

As the spots show, customer experience is a direct result of craftsmanship and quality, and each of these elements is essential in propelling further innovation.

Not only a great series of spots for Lexus, they are also indicative of how Zoic Studios views collaboration with its partners; they propel us to further innovation.