Grown Ups 2

Zoic Studios was on location in Boston for the sequel to the always popular Adam Sandler romp Grown Ups 2 from Columbia Pictures. VFX Supervisor Rocco Passionino and his team were on board to create one of the films most entertaining and action packed sequences of the film. When David Spade’s character, Marcus Higgins, is coerced into doing a stunt from their childhood, production needed a little help in creating some of the more dangerous moments. In the sequence, Marcus climbs inside a large tractor tire and the guys begin to roll the tire across the parking lot only at the last moment are unable to stop it. The tire proceeds to roll down hills, fly though intersections, across playgrounds, over railroad tracks, over a cop car, until its stopped by police officer Shaq thereby ending its rampage. The sequence was a mix of live action and CG with digital doubles being utilized whenever the action became too dangerous for actors. For the rest of the film, Zoic used 2D and 3D techniques to complete the scope of work.