Facebook “You Build It”


Is Facebook good for small business in your local community? Facebook’s latest collaboration with Zoic Studios answers with a definitive yes.

In its latest campaign, Facebook engaged three separate small businesses around Albuquerque, utilizing on-platform advertising in order to aid the businesses in both expanding brand awareness, but also lifting brand sentiment.

Then – in order to fully highlight Facebook’s ability to benefit small business – they once again reached out to Zoic. Taking advantage of our own brand sentiment, Facebook utilized the Zoic team to prepare an out-of-state shoot with each of the chosen businesses, as well as fulfill all editorial and post-production needs within a two-week time frame, in order to create 4 unique stand-alone spots.

The one day shoot, helmed by Zoic’s own Chris Jones, moved seamlessly across Albuquerque and the three, separate locations. At each venue, Chris’ direction served to ensure the Zoic team engaged with both the business owners as well as client, essentially serving as brand ambassadors and providing creative direction for all of the teams involved.

Initial edits were then created over the course of 3 days. After Effects artist worked in sync with an ongoing Avid edit, providing continually updated motion graphics within thr compressed time frame so that we could ensure a fully developed spot was seen by Facebook as early as possible.

One week after the shoot, Flame began final conforms, color, and finishing.