DJI – Mavic – “Run Free, Take Flight”

Working with DJI Creative Studio, and led by VFX Supervisor Julien Brami, the Zoic team helped create DJI’s latest launch video, “Run Free, Take Flight,” celebrating the release of the new “Mavic,” DJI’s first foldable, fully portable aerial camera system.

To achieve the best results with “Run Free, Take Flight,” Zoic provided project supervision from pre-production to shoot and on through delivery, creating a spot that sought to capture the glamour and adventure found in the product itself.

Starting with technical pre-vis, Zoic created an upfront plan to help block the on-set action. Once on location, Zoic was there to execute this preparation, guide the production where needed, and aid the DJI team in capturing the plates needed for the eventual, seamless transition from live-action drone to the CG, animated version.

With the CG drone build, the excitement of a product launch asserted itself. Leading up to the release, the Zoic modeling and lighting teams maintained pace with an ever changing product, improvements being made up to the final unveiling – always ensuring the drone was the very best it could be, and always staying within the tight launch schedule.

As the product launch necessitated, the Zoic team was built to match, responsive and collaborative with DJI’s evolving needs. They ensured a timely response and execution of the latest updates, until the very last moment.

For DJI’s new Mavic, the DJI team created the most advanced drone you could ever fit into your backpack or purse.

Zoic sought to create a spot to match.