For the CW hit series “Arrow,” Zoic infuses the world of DC Comics’ master archer Green Arrow with a myriad of epic effects: Rocket launching Blackhawk Helicopters, Drone aircraft, exploding freighters, Starling city under siege, and of course arrows, all kinds of arrows, grappling, exploding, bolo, and always a plethora of bad-ass traditional arrows! For each episode, a team of artists crafts the soaring weapons that play a large role in the ongoing plot. The team also constructs some of the series’ more memorable establishing shots, including the aerial views of the “Amazo” and the establishing shots of Lian Yu. This season the team had the opportunity to help introduce how Barry Allen got his speedster abilities for the upcoming CW series “The Flash”, creating a particle accelerator explosion and blinding shock-wave that impacts Barry changing him forever.