Under Armour “Gear Up For The Next Chapter”

The sound of ice carved by blades. An invisible speed skater approaches the curve of an olympic oval. Ice particles skitter across the ice, shifting, taking shape around an invisible skater, and giving form to Under Armour’s latest chapter in United States Speedskating.

To kick off the new year, the creatives at Zoic Studios partnered with Bodega Studios and three time Olympic medalist Joey Cheek to unveil the new Under Armour, Long Track Speedskating suit.

Beginning the collaboration at the tail end of 2017, Zoic contributed all up front look-development and technical expertise prior to project start, ensuring the eventual boards and project goals were in line with the anticipated, short timeline for the project turn around.

Prior to shoot, the project commenced with a 3D scan of Joey Cheek inside the Under Armour track suit. The 3D scan ensured a fast implementation of the skater model into the Zoic pipeline, and a smooth transition into its use for the subsequent match-move and creation of the “Ice Man.”

Once the match-move was in place, the creation and / or formation of the Ice Man was a combination of both Houdini and Maya, and lit in V-Ray. MoGraph was both designed animated in After Effects. Each shot was composited in Nuke, with a final, flame finish.