Adidas “Show Me the Shoe”

Working with Tool of North America, Zoic, led by VFX Supervisor Julien, helped create a premium VR experience for Adidas’ James Harden “Harden Vol. 1” shoe launch.

Alongside Tool’s own director, Brig, Zoic provided project consultation and supervision from pre-production, to shoot, and on through delivery; creating a spot that sought to capture the experience of being on the court with Harden himself.

With only one shoot day scheduled with Harden, Zoic started far ahead of the production, executing a fully 360 VR technical pre-vis, which blocked out Harden’s actions for the day – as they would be seen in the Samsung Gear VR headset – ensuring the day operated efficiently, and enabling the director and post team to get everything needed in a limited time frame.

On location, Zoic brought experienced on-set supervision to aid and advise the 360 production team – using a RED 360 camera rig – in capturing the footage needed for a seamless VR stitch.

Back in the studio, Zoic took the raw camera data and began the plate stitch process, creatingand inserting Harden into a black, nebulous VR world, and additionally incorporating animated, CG basketballs throughout to always keep the viewer immersed in the action and tracking Harden on the court.

Of course, the highlight of the launch was the “Harden Vol. 1” shoe itself, recreated in CG and photo-real down to the smallest detail.

From here, Zoic delivered final picture to the Adidas’ experiential team, who designed the immersive spatial audio and utilized a haptic floor to create true physical interaction.

When viewers wear their VR headsets, they feel the floor beneath them and experience the rumble of the basketball court, the place where Harden is king, creating a truly one of a kind, product launch and VR experience.