Virtual Production

The founding principle and driving philosophy of Zoic Studios is “Visual Evolution”.

For close to two decades Zoic has developed and deployed cutting edge technology in visual effects to advance the art of the story in series, film and advertising.

As a visual effects industry leader, in 2009 Zoic developed a revolutionary pipeline for virtual production that smashed the limitations of shooting on a green screen stage that we called ZEUS.

ZEUS reversed the traditional VFX workflow, bringing visual effects artistry to the shoot stage, allowing filmmakers to compose shots, integrating plates with computer generated environments in real time.

After supervising 400 green screen shoot days and delivering tens of thousands of final shots over multiple series, Zoic has embraced the next level of virtual production with our Real Time Group. In conjunction with Epic Games, Fuse Technical Group and Universal Studios, we have incorporated the latest in LED technology, providing for film level real time render quality and in camera visual effects for unsurpassed creative flexibility.

During the past year of remote workflow, Zoic launched a company-wide initiative to integrate UE4 technology into our existing pipeline and train our staff across the globe to apply this incredible tool set at the highest levels. This culminated with an 8 week R&D effort on a scaled volume at our stage in Los Angeles, where we mastered real time camera tracking and real time lighting.

The LED Wall adds an exciting new tool for creative collaborators. The effects are done in real time – on an LED stage with all the benefits, flexibility and realism of actual photography. We no longer need to build a physical set or travel to numerous locations to tell the scope of a story while increasing control of all aspects on set, be it travel, crew size or days on set.

Specializing in designing unique solutions for every project, Zoic is currently using our real time pipeline across multiple series world-wide.

LED technology is a breakthrough in virtual filmmaking – at a time when the industry needs it most. Zoic Studios is ready to help you create cinematic content in this revolutionary new way. Imagine the possibilities.